Opelousas Aviation & Maritime Injury Lawyers

The personal injury cases MMRB&H has handled include those involving helicopters and private aircraft. In particular, as our community is so vested in the offshore industry, we have had to fight for the families of catastrophic aviation cases such as offshore helicopter crashes. Again, this is where our knowledge and experience in maritime law was essential in providing the highest quality legal representation for our cases involving these types of accidents.

In devastating cases such as aviation crashes, the case is quite complicated when you consider the different parties involved such as the aviation or helicopter company, the offshore company for whom the victim was going out to work and the employment company of the victim, if different from the offshore company. Aviation regulations and the FAA will be involved in the investigation as well.

Our extensive case background in aviation and maritime law has led us to develop relationships with leading aviation experts who will provide the necessary testimony and documentation regarding the technical aspects of the equipment and procedures for helicopter, commercial and private plane flights. This is especially valuable when it comes to evaluation of data collected from a wreck and to determine the exact cause(s) behind an accident in order to fortify your claim.

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