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The Jones Act laws were created to protect people working on ships, oil rigs and other vessels out at sea. However, claims filed under the Jones Act and other maritime-related injuries are of a different nature than typical workers compensation law. It is because of these complexities and differences that, if you get injured offshore or have a maritime-related accident, one of the first things you should do is consult with a trusted Opelousas, La. Jones Act lawyer experienced in offshore injuries and maritime law. This applies even when your company is helping you recover.

Although your employer might helpfully direct you to a company-endorsed doctor and allow you time to recover, you should consider an evaluation by an unbiased, independent doctor. Injured patients may relax, thinking they are covered by workman’s compensation or that their company will take care of their long-term health outcome. However, just as the manager and insurance company will be looking out for the best interest of the company, you will need a law firm who will care enough about YOUR PERSONAL WELL-BEING and future to guide you toward decisions and actions that are in your own best interest.

Offshore injury claims involving the Jones Act or other maritime law can become quite complicated, with many cases taking years to resolve if not handled properly. But this does not have to happen when you consult with an Opelousas Jones Act lawyer who has successfully fought and won within this arena many, many times. Your consultation with us will be free and confidential. We do not solicit you at work and will not jeopardize your employment. We will, however, make sure that you understand your full legal rights to compensation and a safe, secure recovery.

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