The 5 Key Things Your Insurance Company Needs to Hear You Say

July 10, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

A personal injury can be a devastating event, and one that has lifelong ramifications. As soon as you are cleared by your doctor, it is vital to file a claim with your insurance company to attempt to recoup your damages. During the process of filing the claim, there are some things that absolutely must be said:

“Here’s what happened”

A clear, start-to-finish explanation of the events that led to your injury is crucial. Before anything else, you will need to explain exactly what happened and how to the insurance company. It can be useful to write every detail down while it is still fresh in your memory: in the coming months, you will need to tell your story many times, and it’s important to keep everything consistent.

“My injuries have been determined to consist of the following”

After treatment, make sure to get copies of the information from an official medical report. It is crucial to see a doctor in order to determine the type and extent of your injuries. Without this information, you cannot accurately provide a number of estimated damages for the claim. You need something in writing from a medical professional that indicates your injury is what you say it is.

“I have witnesses who have indicated that they saw this”

Have written eyewitness statements from anyone present. No matter what the context of your injury, it is important to get an account of anyone who may have witnessed the incident. Coworkers on the floor of your place of employment, for example, or fellow drivers on the road after you have been in a car collision can provide valuable testimony that will help your adjuster determine what the next step is.

“I have already paid X amount to my doctor”

Records of all medical bills paid. In addition to an estimation of future bills provided by your medical report, keep hard copies of all bills you have paid to doctors. These will be taken into account when your adjuster makes the final offer.

“The other party was at fault, because…”

Clear evidence of fault such as photographs, journals, and the aforementioned witness statements can go a long way to establishing your credibility as the wronged party. Make sure to keep your records meticulously and deliver copies of all available forms of evidence to the company.

After filing your initial claim with the insurance company, it is absolutely critical to contact a qualified attorney to handle negotiations. Do not take any offers from the company without consulting a lawyer. As a layperson, you are not equipped to navigate the complex world of insurance claims, and attempting to go it alone runs the risk of you getting an unfair deal. Invest in a trained professional and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your claim — and your future livelihood — is in safe hands.