MMRB&H Support Staff

Meet the Staff Supporting Your Case

Morrow, Morrow, Ryan, Bassett & Haik employs a conscientious and knowledgeable support staff, some of whom have served the firm for over 30 years. With over a century of combined legal experience, their dedication and personal concern for our client cases drive them to provide the best legal assistance, research and personable care to each of our clients. This makes them an invaluable part of our legal team — and an integral component of your case.

Cynthia Randazzo
Office Manager/Bookkeeper
(Employed by firm in August 2005)
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Vicki Deville
Legal Assistant to P. Craig Morrow
(Employed by firm in August 2000)
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Kelly Carrier
Legal Assistant to Taylor Bassett
(Employed by firm in July 2005)
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Melody Dupre
Legal Assistant to Patrick C. Morrow
(Employed by firm in February 1987)
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Madori Lahaye
Assistant Bookkeeper
(Employed by firm in July 2012)
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Candy Leger
Paralegal to Jeffrey  M. Bassett
(Employed by firm in April 1996)
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Billy St. Cyr
(Employed by firm in August 1987)
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Mona Thibodeaux
Legal Assistant to Jeffrey M. Bassett
(Employed by firm in November 1993)
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Kaytlin Vidrine
Office Clerk
(Employed by firm in October 2018)
[email protected]
Christine Higginbotham
Legal Assistant to Richard “Richie” Haik,  Jr.
(Employed by firm in March 2000)
[email protected]
Angie Matthews
Legal Assistant to James P. Ryan
(Employed by firm in November 2001)
a[email protected]
Kelly Noel
Legal Assistant to P. Craig Morrow
(Employed by firm in July 1987)
[email protected]
Cindy Bellard
Legal Assistant to James P. Ryan
(Employed by firm in April 1987)
[email protected]
Emily Noel
(Employed by firm in October 2017)
[email protected]
Maria Tovar
Paralegal to Patrick C. Morrow & Kathleen E. Ryan
(Employed by firm in July 2012)
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