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While every personal injury case is unique, prevention is always preferable to litigation. Safer, more conscientious communities is the name of the game — and the team at Morrow, Morrow, Ryan, Bassett & Haik is here to help. In this blog, we’ll debunk common myths, share uncommon insights and generally offer information designed to protect your rights.

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A wooden gavel laying atop a book, with a spread of money below. This photo serves as a header image for the article "3 Key Differences Between Mass Tort and Class Action Cases" by MMRBH Law Office.

3 Key Differences Between Mass Tort and Class Action Cases

Corporations continue to grow ever-larger, more impersonal and more profit-focused. The result is that one flaw, mistake or bad decision…

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Two commercial scuba divers explore underwater. This photo serves as a header image for the article "The Role of Negligence in Commercial Diving Accidents" by MMRBH Law Office.

The Role of Negligence in Commercial Diving Accidents

Many of our most dangerous, most profitable industries rely on commercial divers—skilled individuals who work deep beneath the water’s surface….

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an offshore oil rig on a cloudy day, meant to serve as a header image for the article" 32 things to take with you offshore: an oilfield workers' guide" by MMRBH Law Office

32 Things to Take With You Offshore: An Oilfield Workers’ Guide

If you are preparing to head to an oil rig to work offshore for the first time, you might be…

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a photo of an onshore drilling rig on a cloudy day that is edited in sepia tones

Comparing Risks: Offshore versus Onshore Drilling

Working in the oilfield industry is dangerous. In fact, onshore or offshore, the jobs that have to be done represent…

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photo of a storm over the ocean. waves crest upon a pier

Severe Weather & Offshore Injuries: What Are the Risks?

With safety regulations constantly in flux and ocean temperatures steadily rising, offshore injuries caused by weather are a constant—and likely…

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photo of an oil rig

What to Do If You’re Injured in an Offshore Accident

The oilfield and its offshore vessels are an understandably dangerous place to work. There are seemingly infinite factors at play…

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what to do if you get injured offshore blog photo of oil rig at dusk

5 Steps to Take After Getting Injured Offshore

Offshore injuries happen quickly. Hoses burst. Cables snap. Hatch doors get left open in the dark. It wasn’t your fault,…

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oil rig photo for reasons why oilfield injuries still happen blog

7 Reasons Why Oilfield Injuries Still Happen

Despite regulations, safety technology, smart systems, company policies, protocols and training, oilfield injuries still happen. Working in, on or around…

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oil and gas accident blog photo

The 5 Most Common Accidents in the Oil & Gas Industry

Updated: 12/10/2021 While the oil and gas industry offers profitable employment, it also delivers a workplace that is downright dangerous….

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