Being Prepared for Your Day in Court

August 21, 2014 @ 7:01 pm

800px-Independence_Hall_Public_Court_RoomFor most, a day in court is not a leisurely walk in the park. It is a day embedded with legal language, hurried walking, and an overflow of documents. In order for your personal injury case to have damages properly assessed and presented to the court, following these steps can make your day a slightly more pleasant experience.

1. Make Sure You Have a Lawyer

This is the most important step toward a successful litigation experience. Personal injury cases demand a significant amount of trust, considering the lawyer is speaking on one’s behalf and fighting to regain damages caused by the client’s misfortune. Consequently, it is not only important to hire a lawyer, but it is also important to ensure your lawyer demonstrates compassion for your plight.

2. Prepare Before Meeting with Your Lawyer

Effective communication is an integral component in the relationship between you and your lawyer. Arriving to the first meeting prepared will expedite the movement of your case in your lawyer’s office. Be sure you have:

  • Contact information ready to give your lawyer: home phone, cell phone, work phone, email and fax number.
  • An organized, detailed, chronological summary of your case’s events. This must include specifics such as dates, locations, and names of individuals associated with the case.
  • Organize all of your case’s documentation in order to present to your lawyer.
  • Have questions ready to ask your lawyer. It is important you understand your rights and the direction of the case.

3. Be Punctual and Professional

Appearing in court on time and ready will ease your mind. Remember to allow extra time for unavoidable events – traffic, parking or needing to turn around because of forgotten documentation. It is also important to create a positive impression on the court. Looking professional, and acting professionally, will only garner positivity in the courtroom.