The Ten Craziest Laws in Louisiana

March 30, 2015 @ 9:26 pm

alligatorLouisiana is definitely known for its joie de vivre (joy of living). Food, festivals, Cajun & Creole traditions and colloquialisms are just a few ingredients that make Louisiana such a unique place to live. But even though Louisiana is seemingly fun and carefree, you may want to be mindful of these ten crazy laws that, if violated, could land you in some hot gumbo:


Crazy Law #1: Alligator Theft

Stealing an alligator could land you up to ten years in jail.

Crazy Law #2: Crawfish Theft

Better keep your claws to yourself! Stealing crawfish could also land you up to ten years in jail.

Crazy Law #3: Bloody Rituals

Louisiana does not allow the ingestion of blood or other bodily fluids to take place during any ritual. Violation could lead up to twenty-five years in jail or a fine up to twenty-five thousand dollars.

Crazy Law #4: Better Not Break a Promise

If an individual intentionally swears falsely under oath in either oral or written form, he or she can serve up to one year in jail and pay up to five hundred dollars.

Crazy Law #5: Hog Heaven

In Jefferson Parish, hogs cannot be fed just any old scrap. Any food/garbage other than grains must be cooked on the premises right before being fed to hogs.

Crazy Law #6: Voodoo Restrictions

In New Orleans, make sure you aren’t practicing within the city limits or you will get fined.

Crazy Law #7: Truth or Dare — Railroad Style

It is illegal to dare someone to go onto railroad tracks owned by someone else. If convicted, this unlawful act could land you in jail with up to five hundred dollars in fines and a misdemeanor.

Crazy Law #8: Biting with False Teeth

In reference to Louisiana’s simple battery law, if someone with dentures bites another person, that bite could be classified as aggravated battery since the perpetrator used a weapon (false teeth) instead of his or her person.

Crazy Law #9: Telephone Obscenities

In Sulphur, it is illegal to use obscene language on the phone.

Crazy Law #10: Throw Me Something, Mister!

In New Orleans, it is illegal to throw a bottle of Coke at a parade float.

So when you’re “making a pass” through Louisiana, remember that some of the laws here are just as unique and crazy as the people, food and music. If you do find yourself mixed up with the law, be sure to contact MMRBH Law Firm. Our team of attorneys is experienced in navigating Louisiana law and can help you sort your situation out.

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