What to Do If You’ve Suffered a Pharmaceutical Drug Injury

November 9, 2021 @ 3:43 pm

When we are prescribed and take medication, we are placing our trust both in our doctor as well as the drug manufacturer that our chances of severe injury do not exceed the benefits we hope to gain in our health. However, sometimes that is not the case.

When a prescription drug has an unintended adverse effect that causes or has the potential to cause serious harm, it may fall under the umbrella of pharmaceutical law. If you believe that a medication you took caused you harm that wasn’t fully communicated to you by your medical provider or the manufacturer, you may be entitled to compensation. Here are the four most important steps to take to build your case.


If you recently took a medication that you believe you’re reacting poorly to or it’s having an unintended side effect, seek medical attention. A pharmacist can walk you through common and uncommon side effects for a medication and can direct you on what further actions to take. Meanwhile, your doctor can evaluate the side effects you’re experiencing and determine if they’re normal or could be threatening to your health. 

NOTE: If you believe you’re experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.


Obtain a report from your physician on the effects the medication had on your health. Keep all instructions, empty bottles, leftover pills, boxes and labels of the drug or device that you believe may have caused you injury as well as any correspondence from the manufacturer or pharmacist, if you spoke with them. These details can help contribute to a case should you need to go to court.


As time passes, the details of when your symptoms appeared and when you took the drug in question may become less clear. To maintain a sense of what happened when, create yourself a timeline of your injury to reference when speaking with lawyers and your doctor. Be sure to include how often you were taking the medication as well as any instances of you reporting adverse effects to medical professionals or the manufacturer. 


Toxic torts and pharmaceutical law are often surrounded by murky legal waters. These waters can be especially difficult to navigate if you’re going the distance alone. Find a reputable pharmaceutical attorney who can help guide you throughout the process. They can help research other cases similar to yours, build a body of evidence and even initiate or join a class action case, if it applies. 

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Guarantee that an experienced pharmaceutical lawyer is fighting on your behalf at MMRB&H Law Firm. Our attorneys understand the complexities of toxic tort and pharmaceutical-related injuries and can work with the manufacturers as well as any negligent medical provider involved to ensure you’re fairly compensated.

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